Management consultancy services

Dear Colleagues, the most important task to get result in cooperation is to reach a clear agreement on the service to be provided, to commit to working together, to avoid misunderstanding and minimize risk.

In practice we use 2 phases approach:

The 1-st phase “Offering” includes the identification of client needs:
1) data studying and analysis of “Application for services”;

Application for services

2) meeting for negotiations during some events (exhibitions, conference, etc.);
3) or our visit to your factory in the territory of your country to have a general idea of the scope of work;
4) adjustment of a detailed consulting services program, estimate of services and legally binding agreement: context, services and deliverables, approach and work plan, roles and responsibilities, terms and conditions.

We are sure, that personal meeting is the base of trust and reliability of partnership.

The 2-nd phase “Execution” includes the performance of an Agreement:
1) implementing the agreed work plan;
2) assignment management, repots and monitoring;
3) approvals and acceptance.